FasTest Pressure/Flow Quick Connectors

One of the challenges faced in a calibration lab is making leak tight connections to a wide variety of fitting configurations quickly. In some labs the number of connections per day require productivity tools be used to meet calibration demands.

4 Port, 10K psi Pressure Manifold

To meet these challenges and demands the FasCalManifold System has been developed. Utilizing Stainless Steel construction this system allows any FasCalconnector to be mounted on the manifold quickly and without the use of tape or wrenches. Changing from one FasCal connector to another can be accomplished in seconds.

10K psi Flexible Hose

The FasTest high pressure calibration hoses have proven to be a durable solution for connecting the item being calibrated to the pressure source. The high pressure hose can be equipped with theFasTest MIT connectors to enable connecter size and style changes to be made quickly without the use of wrenches or tape. The high pressure hose has a small external diameter to minimize the amount of nitrogen consumed during calibration. This flexible hose allows access to difficult to reach locations.

Flow Bench Step Tree Connectors, Flow Straighteners

In many flow laboratories, calibrations have to be made on transmitters with different sized AN fittings. Making leak-tight connections without damaging expensive transmitters, to all of these different sizes can be a challenging task. The TwistMate AN Step connectors are specifically designed to provide leak tight connections on Flow Calibration Benches andHydraulic Test Stands without the use of tape or wrenches limiting the chances of damaging an expensive transmitter while calibrating the device. The AN Step connectors allow connection to a flow source with a male AN fitting of the required sizes from AN 32 down to AN 4. To step down to the appropriate AN female flow tube connector, a tree of AN reducer or step down connectors are available to match up with the application. AN fittings are also available to insert flow straighteners in line with transmitters. Manufactured from Stainless Steel material and featuring easily replaced seals, the AN Tree Connectors will provide years of reliable service.

CalMate for Sanitary Fitting

Calibrating instruments such as gauges and transmitters with a sanitary diaphragm can be a time consuming task. The FasTest CalMate allows quick connection of the pressure source to the diaphragm of the unit under test without the use of Tri Clover clamps. Connections are made in seconds with pressure ratings up to 300 psi. The units Stainless Steel construction allows clean up with caustic chemicals.

Other New FasCal Efficiency Improvers

TwistMate connectors rated for 10k psi are now available for connection to hand pumps or pressure hoses with a male AN 4 male fitting. These new connectors will allow connections to gauges or instruments with male 1/8" npt, up to 1/2" npt fittings or a #4 Ferulok compression fitting, or a male 9/16" - 18 conforming to Mil Spec 18997. This complements our already available 10k psi AN fittings. Viton seals are available on the new connectors for demanding aerospace or naval applications.

B751 connectors, which are ideal for connecting to npt male fittings such as those used on a gauge, carry a rating of up to 10k psi. These connectors are often mounted on the FasCal Manifold system which allows the quickest calibration turn around time on high volume applications. The connector eliminates the use of tape and sealants and makes leak tight connections without the use of wrenches. Gauges are inserted into the connector by simply pressing the unit under test into the B751 causing the connectors collets to grab the units threads. After the unit is calibrated, the unit is released by pressing down on the B751's release mechanism. The Stainless Steel product is available for connection to male NPT fittings from 1/8" up to 1/2".

Fast and Simple Flange Connections

CalMate flange connectors provide quick, temporary connections for calibrating gauges or transmitters equipped with sanitary diaphragms.

For applications in process or on the bench in the lab, the connector enables devices to be connected in a fraction of the time compared to cumbersome swinging tri-clamp configurations.

Watch video of CalMate in action!

Quick Change Hose Assembly

As a component of a family of products, the CalMate is compatible with the FasCal hose assembly. The hose equipped with FasTest connectors attaches to the CalMate without the use of wrenches or sealant.

Eliminating the use of sealant reduces the possibility of sealant plugging an instrument port. Changing from one size or style of connector to another is completed in a few seconds. The small diameter of the hose minimizes nitrogen usage or if a hand pump is being used, operator fatigue.